Glenwood South Gets Its Very Own Tailor Shop

If you don’t know yet how nice it is to have a tailor shop conveniently located in the neighborhood, you’ve never needed pants hemmed in a rush or a dress zipper repaired before the weekend (on a Thursday, mind you). That’s why I was particularly excited to hear from Brian Burnett of Glenwood Tailors of Downtown Raleigh.

Eager to give their services a try, I stopped by the second-story Johnson Street workshop and dropped of a few of the Mr.’s pants that needed various repaired (fallen hems and the like), a dress blouse of mine that needed a few seams re-stitched, and also a pair of women’s corduroy pants and women’s linen pants (purchased from fellow downtown business Revolver Consignment Boutique) that, as always, were about 4 inches too long for my 5’2″ needs.

Some of the features I really enjoyed about Glenwood Tailors of Downtown Raleigh is their tech-first, convenient way of doing business. They texted and emailed me to let me know when my order was ready for pick-up and if you’re near their workshop, they’ll can deliver you completed items to you, if you prefer. Truth be told, I had practically forgotten about the drop-off, but the text message reminder was convenient and unobtrusive… just how I like my service providers. The prices are reasonable, too – for five or six items, the total bill was just over $50. It might not be as cheap as the mall, but most importantly, it didn’t require any trip to the mall. That is money (and sanity) saved, in my opinion.

Give Brian a visit next time you have a few items that need a more tailored look or repair.


Lisa Jeffries

A good old-fashioned Southern girl - at home in the modern world.