Urban Design Center Hosts “Activating Empty Spaces: A Guide to Pop-up Shops”

On Wednesday, Aug. 20, the City of Raleigh’s Urban Design Center will host a talk focusing on maximizing underused spaces as part of the UDC |Talks @noon series. The talk, titled, “Activating Empty Spaces: A Guide to Pop-up Shops” will be hosted by Beth Yerxa, the executive director of Triangle ArtWorks. Ms. Yerxa will focus on the Pop-Up Tool-Kit, a beginner’s guide to creating and hosting pop-up art events. The tool-kit gives users the necessary information for successful partnerships between artists/art groups and the property owners through the planning process.

Highlights from the session will be tweeted @RaleighPlanning #UDCtalks.

Read more at RaleighNC.gov

Image via http://www.raleighnc.gov/urbandesign


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